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Internships for American Students

Press Office Intern
The Office of Press and Communication accepts interns for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Interns must be currently enrolled, full-time students in an American university to be considered. The internship is part-time and unpaid. Only American candidates, or those candidates studying at an American institution, can apply directly to the consulate for an intern position.

The Press and Communications Office is now accepting applications for spring 2018. Applicants should send a cover letter, resume and two writing samples: one in French and one in English. The cover letter should address the candidate’s qualifications for the post. The writing samples can be from a recent class, student publication or other project.

Internship duties include helping with the morning news roundup, writing articles for the website, helping with social media and doing other press-related tasks. Video and Photoshop skills are desirable. Excellent communication skills and a good level of French are required.

To turn in your application or for any press and communication internship inquiries, please email presse@consulfrance-atlanta.org.

Short-term Intern
The Consulate is looking for an American intern for a duration of two weeks full-time or one month part-time (exact hours are adjustable according to intern’s schedule).

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is conducting a study on road safety and regulations required to obtain a drivers license in the United States under the existing license exchange agreement between France and the United States. The intern’s job will be to contact the six DMVs within the consulate’s jurisdiction (GA, MS, AL, TN, SC and NC) to gather information for the study. An intermediate/proficient level of French is required. For more information, email info.atlanta-fslt@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Last modified on 06/11/2018

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