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1-888-937-2623 (OU 1-888-9FRANCE)


The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the security of French citizens abroad a top priority. To assure the safety and security of French citizens abroad, there is an active Security committee in place in each country.

In Atlanta, the Security Committee, presided over by the Consul General, is responsible for carrying out the security plan of the Consulate and the instructions of the French government in the case of a crisis situation. The Security Committee relies on a very strong knowledge of the French community. In order to be able to assist everyone in the case of a crisis, registration with the “Register of French Citizens Established Outside of France”, even for a short period of time (internships, study abroad, etc), is absoloutely necessary for all French citizens residing in the Southeast.

Registration is a simple and free process that you can complete by mail. For more informations on the registration process and the “Register of French Established Outside of France”, please click here.

It is also very important that all changes are communicated to the Consulate General of France, including changes in: phone numbers (landline and cellular phone), email addresses, postal addresses (professional and personal), or family situation (births, returning to France, international departures) .


As part of its security plan, the Consulate General of France in Atlanta has partitioned its jurisdiction into different districts, building a security network that aids in relaying information throughout the French community.

For more informations on districts and chiefs of district, please click here.


In the midst of a major crisis, where there may be an interruption of normal modes of communication and transportation, the Consulate strives to gather all useful information helping to locate French citizens in the jurisdiction, so as to respond to the inquiries of family members in France. This information will be, in these circumstances, relayed to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs in Paris and to their next of kin in France.

In case of emergency, you must first and foremost follow the instructions of local American authorities, who are there to assist and care for you. The Consulate maintains tight relationships with these authorities. These contacts allow us to remind those responsible for protecting civilians of the high importance they of the French community. For these relationships to be useful, an extensive knowledge of the French community is necessary.

You should visit the website of the emergency management center of your municipality or of your state to learn what must be done in the case of crisis.


Concerning French citizens, in the event of an unforseen incident or risk, the Consulate must be alerted immediately at 1 (404) 495-1660. If calling outside of normal office hours, a consular agent can be reached at any moment at 1 (404) 217-9446.

In the event of a major crisis, a special emergency number for the Embassy and the Consulates of France in the United States will be activated: 1-888-937-2623 (ou 1-888-9FRANCE).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Consulate by:
Email at or by phone at 1 (404) 495-1660.

The page “Conseils aux Voyageurs” (advice to travellers) for the United States can be consulted through the website of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This summary of general rules of security can be useful for everyone, both French citizens living in the Southeast or those simply passing through.

Action sheets for all high risk categories can also be consulted on "fiches-réflexes" (reflex cards). These pages contain general good-sense guidelines as well as specific guidelines for facing particular risks: natural, industrial and nuclear disasters, epedimics, etc.


To better prepare yourself in case of a major scale crisis, and to be as close as possible to the French community in the jurisdiction, the Consulate General continually refines its security network.

Indeed, as part of its new security plan, the Consulate General is looking for candidates to assume the chief of district role in the following disctrict:

- Southern Mississippi : Biloxi, Gulfport
- Central Mississippi : Jackson
- Eastern Tennessee : Knoxville
- Eastern North Carolina : Wilmington or coastal
- West Georgia : Savannah
- South and Central Georgia : Columbus, Macon, Augusta
- Northwest Georgia : Athens
- North Georgia : Forsyth, Cherokee, Bartow, Floyd…

The chief of district must assure the relay of information between the French community of his/her municipality and the Consulate in the case of state-wide catastrophe (hurricane, tornado, avian flu, etc.). It is a voluntary task that requires the volunteer to be of French nationality, to be registered at the Consulate, and to have a strong knowledge of the French community in his/her municipality. You can apply by sending us an email at


In case or emergency, information will be published on the website of the Consulate General of France in Atlanta:

Finally, we remind you that it is very important, before any trip to another country, to consult the page “Conseils aux Voyageurs” (advice to travellers) on the website of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

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